Cheap Properties for Sale in Lagos with Instalment Payment Plans

Affordable properties in Lagos

Cheap Properties for Sale in Lagos with Instalment Payment Plans

Lagos state is home to some of the most expensive properties in the world. In higborough areas like Banana Island and Eko Atlantic, properties cost Millions of dollars. The rising cost of properties for sale in Lagos has made it difficult for average Nigerians to own their own home and make real estate investments.

One of the main reasons why people can’t afford properties in Lagos is because most people are looking in the wrong places. While developed areas like Lekki are highly desired but pricey, developing areas like Epe and Ibeju Lekki offer investors an opportunity to own land and houses at a much more affordable cost.

Remember, developed areas like Ikeja and Ikoyi were once undeveloped and the current landlords in those areas are the ones that saw the future and invested early. Over time, the seemingly undeveloped areas of Lagos today will be the megacities of tomorrow.

Our team at Bestate Investment have done the work of putting together a list of cheap properties for sale in Lagos with instalment payment plans. Furthermore, we have ensured that these properties are in some of the best locations in Lagos state, and have done the due diligence of verifying the legal documentation of these properties.


The following are affordable properties in Lagos selling for less than N10 million.

1) OwnLand Scheme II, Epe

Ownland Scheme II is a land for sale in epe offering the longest payment duration, 18 months. Strategically located around other residential estates, this location is one of the best in Epe. Ownland is developed by one of the biggest real estate companies in Nigeria, Landwey.

Title: Registered Survey

Features: Perimeter fencing, Gatehouse, Road Network

Neighbourhood: St Augustine University, Otedola Housing Estate, Lagos State Model College.

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N2,000,000
  • 500 SQM: N3,000,000

Payment plan:

  • Initial Deposit N500,000
  • Duration: Up to 18 months


2) Dominion Foreshore, Epe

Dominion Foreshore is a beautiful waterfront estate with land for sale in Epe. This property is a place where luxury living meets affordability. Located by the Lekki Lagoon, opposite the popular Lagoon Front Estate, Dominion Foreshore offers residents a breathtaking view of the water.

Title: Freehold, Registered Survey

Features: Perimeter fencing, 24-hour electricity, Security, Good drainage, sports facilities.

Neighbourhood: Epe Resort and Spa, Isimi Lagos, Alaro City

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N4,200,000
  • 500 SQM: N6,500,000
  • 1000 SQM: N13,000,000

Payment plan: Initial Deposit N1, 500,000. Duration | 9 months


3) Dominion City, Epe

Land in Dominion City

The strategic location of Dominion City among notable developments in Epe, Lagos will give investors 100% ROI in the shortest time. Its land topography is dry, making it easy to build on.

Title: Freehold, Registered Survey

Features: 24/7 Electricity, interlocked roads, perimeter fencing, CCTV security.

Neighbourhood: Epe Resort, Yaba Tech Extension, Igbonla Model College

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N1,200,000
  • 500 SQM: N2,000,000

Payment plan: 6 Months


4) Jewel Gardens, Eleko

Jewel Gardens location

Jewel Gardens is a Beachfront land in Eleko, Ibeju Lekki. The area offers a getaway from the bustle of the business districts to the serenity of suburban lifestyle living. Strategically located just by the Ibeju-Lekki coastal road, this waterfront land is a 3-minute walking distance from the beach, jewel Gardens is currently the most affordable beachfront land in the Eleko axis.

Title: Gazette Excision

Features: Electricity, Good Road Network, Perimeter fencing


Units & Outright prices

  • 600 SQM: N3,500,000

Payment duration: Up to 12 months


4) Milton Estate, Ibeju Lekki

Milton Estate Ibeju Lekki


Situated opposite one of the most expensive estates in Ibeju Lekki, Milton Estate provides investors with a modern and luxurious urban lifestyle

Title: Government Approved Excision

Features: Solar-powered street lighting, recreational facilities, electricity, 24 hours CCTV coverage

Neighbourhood: Itunu Residential estate, Epe Resort, Lekki Deep Sea Port

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N3,990,000
  • 600 SQM: N7,980,000

Payment plan: Initial deposit: 20%. Duration | 12 months.


5) The Cabanas, Epe

The Cabanas is a serene environment that is beneficial as a residential hub. The estate is a modern, family-friendly location with one of the best landscapes in Lagos. Land in Epe provides good returns on investment, and the Cabanas estate has significantly appreciated over time due to the infrastructure that has been developed in the estate making it a very good investment choice.

Title: Registered Survey

Features: Security, water supply, drainage, recreational centres.

Neighbourhood: St. Augustine University, Michael Otedola Housing estate, Epe resort and Spa, Lagos State Model College.

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N3,000,000
  • 600 SQM: N6,000,000

Payment plan

  • Initial deposit: N500,000
  • Payment Duration: 12 months


6) Epe Boulevard, Epe

Aerial view of land in Epe Boulevard


With the developing industrial activities and landmark structures in Epe, Lagos, Epe Boulevard is a smart choice for real estate investors. The location makes the perfect family dream for a luxurious country lifestyle.

Title: Registered Survey

Features: Excellent road network, perimeter fencing and stable electricity.

Neighbourhood: Isimi Lagos, Epe T-junction, Alaro city, Epe Resort

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N2M
  • 450 SQM: N2.5M
  • 600 SQM: N3M

Payment plan: Payment of 33.33% Initial deposit. Duration | 6 months


7) Nation’s View Estate, Bogije

By providing a tranquil environment for rest and restoration, the Nation’s View Estate lives up to its name. It is located in Ibeju Lekki and it is the perfect location for everyone looking for a residential area with the best features.

Nation's View Estate

Title: Government Approved Excision

Features: Gated community, well-paved layout, portable water supply, electricity.

Neighbourhood: Omu Resort, Eleko Beach, Funtopia.

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N3,900,000
  • 600 SQM. Price: N7,800,000

Payment plan: 12 Months


8) De Royal Niche Estate, Ibeju Lekki

De Royal Niche Estate is equipped with amenities that give it an excellent ambience of comfort and luxury.

Title: Government Approved Excision

Features: Health centre, good road network, perimeter fencing with gate

Neighbourhood: Lekki Free Trade Zone, Alaro City, New Lekki-Epe Concrete Road

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N6,000,000
  • 500 SQM: N9,000,000

Payment plan: Initial Deposit – N1,000,000. Duration | 18 months


9) Roi Cour City

Roi Cour is designed to be useful for residential, commercial, social or retail purposes. The features of this estate complement the cultural and modern Nigerian lifestyle.

Title: Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

Features: Recreational facilities, Green Community, Access to reliable healthcare.

Neighbourhood: Eleganza Industrial City, Alaro City, Pan-Atlantic University

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N4,500,000
  • 600 SQM: N8,000,000

Payment plan: 30% initial deposit | Duration – 6-12 months


10) Lekki No. 7 Atlantic View Estate, Sangotedo

Lekki No. 7 offers beachfront land for sale in Sangotedo, Lagos. The estate is a perfect blend of nature and ambience. This location provides the perfect escape to leave the bustle of city life. Its relaxed, luxurious and comforting atmosphere makes it one of the hottest real estate investments.

Title: Government Approved Excision

Features: Shopping mall, sports facilities, mini pharmacy.

Neighbourhood: Lagos Business school, Lufasi Nature park, Novare mall Shoprite.

Units & Outright prices

  • 300 SQM: N8,500,000
  • 500 SQM: N15,000,000

Payment plan: Duration | 12 months



The best news about the properties listed above is that you can purchase them under N10 million. Bestateng is dedicated to providing you with the best land deals and you do not have to worry about payment plans. You have the option of making payments in instalments. Reach out to us today and begin your journey of being a property owner.



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