Buying Land in Epe: A Good Place To Buy?

buying land in epe

Buying Land in Epe

The decision to buy landed properties is one that must not be made uninformed. There are different locations in Lagos from which one can decide to purchase properties but before buying any landed property, it is important to ensure that the location of the said property suits the purpose for which one is buying it.

There are properties best suited for commercial purposes and there are properties that are best utilized when they are used for residential purposes.

Epe is one of the locations in Lagos that has lands for sale and if you’re wondering whether or not to buy property in Epe, this is for you. If you also desire to buy property in Lagos and are confused as to the location to choose, this is also for you.

Where is Epe located?

Epe is one of the Local Government Areas in Lagos. It is located on the north side of the Lekki Lagoon. The natives of Epe are farmers and mostly fish farmers. This is because Epe’s lagoon is in-between two lagoons, the Lagos Lagoon and the Lekki Lagoon. The presence of healthy water makes it a home for fishing.
The occupation of the inhabitants of Epe town informs the fish statue located at the Lekki-Epe T-Junction in Epe. In the heart of Epe is a large fish market, the Epe fish market is one of the biggest fish markets in Nigeria and the biggest in Lagos. The residents of Epe are generally peaceful and friendly people.

Why should you buy a property in Epe?

1. Epe is a great residential area
If what you desire is a residential area in Lagos, Epe is a perfect fit, and here’s why. Compared to other parts of Lagos, Epe is peaceful and serene.

Epe is a part of Lagos that provides you a life away from the general hustle and bustle of Lagos State. Living in Epe guarantees you and your family a relatively quiet and serene environment to live in. In Epe, you are also surrounded by the beauty and calmness of nature.

2. Epe is easily accessible
Contrary to widespread misconceptions out there, Epe is an easily accessible location in Lagos State. Whether you are going to Epe from the Island or Mainland or leaving Epe to these places, you are guaranteed easy accessibility.

The fourth mainland bridge is currently under construction, the bridge will be a direct link from Ikorodu to Epe. The Lagos railways system, “blue and red rail lines”, is also under construction and is predicted to be ready in the first quarter of 2023. These two projects by the Lagos State government will no doubt contribute in no small measure to the accessibility of Epe.
Epe is blessed with a good road network, making trips faster and a lot easier.

3. The prices are affordable
An added advantage of buying property in Epe is that the lands in Epe are still selling at affordable rates. In Epe, one can get land plots for as low as one million naira. This is a steal compared to the price of landed properties in other parts of Lagos. This advantage, however, is not one that will remain forever, due to the fast-increasing population in Epe, Lagos. It is advisable to buy property in Epe while this is still an advantage.

4. Appreciation on Return on Investment
Buying property in Epe guarantees you a high ROI. Due to the numerous ongoing projects that positively affect the town, Epe is fast developing and becoming vastly populated.

In the foreseeable future, Epe will become one of the choice residential locations in Lagos State, inevitably resulting in a surge in resale prices. If one buys property in Epe now, a 100% ROI is certain.

5. Landmarks in Epe
Epe is a civilized town, close to Alaro City and other great neighborhoods. Epe is well endowed with amenities to make life easier and better for its residents. Epe is home to shopping malls and markets with fresh foods and fish for sale. There are schools in Epe from primary to tertiary levels. Epe houses Lagos State Model College, Yabatech, St Augustine University, and others.

There are also facilities for relaxation and rest, there is the Epe Resort and Spa and cinemas. All of these ensure that residents can have all the fun they desire within the town.

At Bestate Real Estate, we have properties available for sale in Epe.

The properties available in Epe include:
• Ownland scheme 2
• Dukia Africa
• Isimi Lagos
• The Lagoon Front Estate
• Dominion Foreshore Estate
• The Cabanas Estate

These are all great properties with trusted developers, good neighborhoods and useful amenities.

At Bestate, you are guaranteed good properties with proper titles and affordable payment plans.

Why wait when you can get it now?

There is no better time than now to buy property in Epe. In 2023, Epe will have more people living in and investing in the town. There is no doubt about it, Epe is certainly the future of Lagos civilization and will soon make an enviable residential location.

Hurry up and be a part of the goodness Epe has to offer! Contact us 

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